PFLAG Silver City is here to provide support for LGBTQ persons, their families, and their allies.  Call 575-590-8797 and leave a message that includes a safe phone number.  We will call you back, and you can speak with a PFLAG member.  If you are LGBTQ, we can link you with local people and organizations.  If you are a parent, you can talk on the phone or in person with another parent.  If you are an ally, we can share ways you can support and advocate for your LGBTQ friends, family and neighbors.  We also have monthly, confidential meetings where you can meet people----or just listen.  The setting and tone is relaxed and welcoming.



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LGBTQ persons and their families face unique issues and challenges.  Whether it's for yourself or someone you love, learning more matters.  Whether it is at a local school or around the dinner table, knowledge is power. PFLAG publishes many helpful, informative pamphlets.

To request a specific pamphlet or guide give us a call.  We have worked with local public schools to reduce bullying by providing training for teachers, coaches, administrators, and counselors. We are available to speak at your event or conduct a workshop.

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Advocacy is a big part of the work that PFLAG members and supporters do, working to achieve LGBTQ equality through changing not only hearts and minds, but laws.

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Affirmative Practice with Gender Diverse (Trans) People: Across the Lifespan

Presented by Lisa L Persinger, Ph.D. & lore m dickey, Ph.D. 
Department of Educational Psychology, Northern Arizona University
June 5, 2017 at the Global Resource Center at Western New Mexico University

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